Riding the Heat Wave

Every summer may bring warming sun rays, but it can also bring an overwhelming abundance of humidity.  Between the afternoon showers and sweating just walking to the car, I’ve found that it’s always nice to keep things light and simple when it comes to doing hair.  I spent countless years when I was younger trying to go against the grain by throwing every product in my hair known to mankind and using every ounce of strength to straighten it.  Luckily, I figured out VS beachy hair spraythat it’s best (and more relaxing) when you go with the flow of the weather instead of trying to fight it.  I stumbled upon this gem while reading an article by Glamour magazine. It’s Victoria’s Secret Beach Hair Wave Spray and it deserves five stars and a hallelujah!  This is the first spray I’ve used in a long time that doesn’t make your hair stiff, like hair spray, and smells absolutely delicious! You feel like you’re on a tropical island sipping on piña coladas.  It promises loose, natural tousled waves and it certainly delivers. The only thing I would suggest is not spraying it too much in one place because it can cause a slight stiffness in that area since the spray does consist of sea salt.  Even if that happens though, it’s very easy to comb out so that you can still achieve beachy waves but sans stiff pieces of hair.

VS wavy hair