Urban Sanctuary Spa: Treat Yo’Self Weekend

If you’ve been finding yourself stressed out lately, make a pact to “treat yo’self” this upcoming weekend and make an Urban Sanctuary 1appointment today for a little me time!

Through job hunting and interviews, I found myself needing a weekend to relax and rejuvenate.  I found some old SpaFinder coupons from awhile back and decided to brush off the cobwebs and put them to use.  I decided to book an appointment at Urban Sanctuary for a Pumpkin Enzyme Facial and a manicure.  Right when I pulled up, I was immediately relaxed.  Outside, you’re instantly greeted by a lush deck and homey seating.  As you make your way inside, the Zen-like aura is magnified by beautifully scented aromas, rugs that padded the hardwood, two of the sweetest receptionists I’ve encountered, and all set to the soundtrack of soothing bird chirps and chimes blowing in the summer wind.

My Pumpkin Enzyme Facial proved to be not only relaxing, but very refreshing.  The contrast between my warm face from the summer heat  to the cool facial products Misty Rose Hardin, esthetician, was massaging over my face was just what I needed to kick off a relaxing weekend.  The lemon scented exfoliator she used for my face was too great to pass up.  Suki Face Exfoliate Foaming CleanserUS7 cleaned off any dry, flaky skin as well as acting as an antibacterial from the lemon properties.  You can add as little or as much water as you’d like depending on if you like your exfoliators very beady or very smooth.

Since my curiosity got the best of me, I received an extraction after the facial.  I wanted to really clean out my pores.  After the immediate shock of having steam blown across my face, I realized how calming it was.  It felt more like a warm cloud grazing over your face like an early morning fog that floats along the road.   After a couple of minutes, Misty used a warm cloth to gently press on areas that she saw clogged pores.  Although you can’t literally feel anything in the moment, you can certainly feel the difference after everything is complete.  My face felt more refreshed, refined, and cleansed.  The only side effects I encountered were noticing more clogged pores coming to the surface the two or three days following the facial.  I’m assuming it was probably the extraction portion that causes this- and for good reason since it’s meant to clean out pores.

For my manicure, I chose a neutral pink hued nail polish.  It was perfect for interviews yet still fun for summer! Kela Griffith, nail technician, was absolutely amazing.  She was very gentle with everything she did and kept everything very clean.  Most of our time consisted of laughs, but when I finally did look at my nails they were the best I’ve seen them in years!




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