Pantene Keratin Repair Conditioner + Moroccan Argan Oil

Much like Cousin It, my hair has always been bigger than my body…and the humidity contributes in a big way. Literally.  I eventually found that I loved the volume, but didn’t necessarily love the frizz.  I wanted something that would make the volume stand out and the frizz disappear.  After experiencing a multitude of products, I have finally found my Bonnie and Clyde of hair serums.  The Pantene Keratin Repair Conditioner is the brawn and the Moroccan Argan Oil is the beauty.

When I saw that Pantene came out with this intensive repair conditioner, I immediately had to try it. It seems like an exaggeration to say that a conditioner can actually make your hair feel like silk, but it’s definitely true in this case.  Mystified that a product like this even exists, I put it through the ultimate test: knots.  The result was unbelievable.  I hadPantene zero knots to comb through (which is extremely atypical for my hair, especially right after a shower).  There was no tugging and no hairs being broken.  Absolutely glorious!

After achieving moisturized and tangle-free hair, I reached for the Moroccan Argan Oil.  I am happy to say that this product certainly lives up to the hype. It gives your hair a soft, silky texture and provides a wonderful layer of shine! It’s perfect for straight or wavy hair. It did well against my ultra humidity test last night at Terrapin. I let my hair air dry and applied the oil when when it was mostly dry.  The waves ended up being frizz-free and kept a nice texture throughout the night.  Perfect for summer outings!


2 thoughts on “Pantene Keratin Repair Conditioner + Moroccan Argan Oil

    • Thank you! That’s awesome! I’m so glad that it helped you out 🙂 I found that the longer you let it sit in your hair, the better it works. I usually put it in and then shave my legs to give it time to sit. Any products that you’re loving recently?

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