Mario Badescu Skin Care Army

After just watching yet another mini marathon of Parks and Recreation (my boyfriend and I are recent addicts), I realized that it was the perfect weekend for “treat yo self!” The idea is to treat yourself to anything that makes you feel good.  I’ve always liked to set aside a day or weekend to pamper myself so that I feel refreshed for the week.  It works wonders! This weekend I wanted to focus on facial products to make my skin feel better.  When I was ordering the ‘Mario Badescu Drying Cream,’ I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I was able to receive three free samples! With extreme humidity in Athens, Georgia right now and a stress-induced hormone spike due to job searching, I narrowed in on the problems I’ve been having: oily skin and random breakouts.  I chose an acne facial cleanser, azulene calming mask and a control moisturizer for oily skin.

The first thing I tried was the acne facial cleanser followed by the control moisturizer.  After my face was free from any Mario Badescumake-up and facial products, I wiped the cleanser all over my face with a cotton swab.  You could either spot treat or use it as an all-over face cleanser. I chose to do my whole face as a preventative measure.  It was very light and didn’t dry my face out like some acne facial cleansers I’ve used before.  The moisturizer was one of my favorite finds out of the four only for the sole reason that I have been searching for the perfect face moisturizer (for mixed skin) for such a long time.  This is the first one that moisturized my skin without adding more oil to it and still fixed any dry patches.  Absolutely recommend it! I’ve tried Cetaphil in the past and CeraVe more recently, and neither compare to the smooth texture of this one.

The drying cream is meant to be a spot treatment for either under-the-skin blemishes to prevent them from becoming larger or soothing the skin of ruptured blemishes.  I found this cream to be extremely helpful! Instead of drying out your skin, it creates a velvety texture that’s a breath of fresh air compared to other spot treatments I’ve used before. Since it spreads so well and blends in with your skin, you only need a tiny amount on your finger tip.

I haven’t tested out the calming mask yet, but I’ll post about it as soon as I do!


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